Leadership credit

Not looking for a debate on allowed or not allowed. It is allowed per the guide to advancement. Just need to know if I mark a scout’s pervious position as not approved will the system give the scout credit for the said position? Again no debate please.

Depends on how you do it.

If in the Scout’s Leadership Profile (Unit → Scout Name → Scout’s Leadership Positions) select the position you did NOT approve. You can then simply “Remove Position”. Then it is as if the scout never held the post.

To my knowledge, the leadership positions are not linked to the advancement requirements. So, whether a position is marked approved or not approved is kinda peripheral, at least currently.

Does that answer the question you were asking, @BenjaminWard?

Yes it does. Thanks.

Yes leadership does not auto fill requirements

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I believe if the leadership position is listed, but not approved, then it will not show up on the Eagle Scout rank application.

Ah, I haven’t looked there before to test that. Glad you brought that up, @JenniferOlinger.

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