Link to download permission slip does not show up

Parent logged in on iPhone cannot see permission slip link.
I do not have this problem as admin on windows/chrome or android/chrome.

Thanks @JoeMcKinley I reported this to the developers a couple days ago.

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As a parent, I am having the same issue. I can’t see the link in android or windows (Chrome and Edge). Previously this was not an issue but now, there is no link. There was one instance where a banner showed up that provided an option to download permission slip but the link wasn’t working. When I reloaded the page, the banner disappeared.


We thought this was fixed. Try a hard refresh (SHIFT+REFRESH) and let us know if the permission slip link comes back.

Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be but i can see the form if i log in using my scout’s ID but not if i log in using my parent ID.

Did you try the hard refresh that @edavignon recommended?

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