Long Cruise report needs to designate days AFTER Ordinary

When we do multiple-day activities, we typically enter all Sea Scouts that participated in the Long Cruise log. However, pulling a Long Cruise report to see who has earned the Long Cruise award shows all entries and doesn’t deliniate between those prior to them making the rank of Ordinary (those are not credited to the Long Cruise award) and after making Ordinary (credited days). Yes, we COULD try to only log days for Scouts participating that have already earned Ordinary BUT that could be prone to error and also leaves an incomplete record of their activity participation. It would be nice if the report showed Long Cruise log totals for the ALL entries and then another for entries submitted AFTER the date of them achieving Ordinary.

Right now, we have to go look up their date of achieving ordinary and then find where that date lies in the list of their log entries and then manually add up just those entries. This is made more difficult by each entry not showing the number of dates but instead just the start and end dates, requiring us to do some simple math on each entry to add it all up, which is not insurmountable but presents the possibility of errors. Howver, haveing to look up each Scout’s date of Ordinary on their advancement page and then go to their individual log page to do the math IS a bit time consuming.

Please consider this valuable addition to the Long Cruise reporting.

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