Looking for a way to add additional email contacts for those not in official leadership positions or parents of scouts

We are looking to use Scoutbook Messages and Event Calendars for our primary source of communication for our Troop. The issue we are running into is not being able to contact our full distribution list via Scoutbook due to a number of our recipients not being current registered leaders or parents of current scouts. We would like to have a way to use one system to get all messages out to those that want to stay involved with our troop whether it be Scoutbook or we go back in the other direction and use only the previous format.

One other possibility to solve this problem would be by adding a new “Troop” or “Pack” Position into the drop down boxes on the “Add New Leader” Screen. The Troop Admin would then be able to add the person to the troops dashboard which will then give the person the ability to receive messages relating to troop activities.

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That is the issue we don’t want to run into. It would be so much easier if there was an option to just add additional email addresses to messages being sent from Scoutbook