Lost sccess to a troop that I am registered with

I have lost access in Internet Advancement to a unit where I have full admin, as the advancment chair. In Scoutbook I am listed on the roster but have a yield sign on my name. My BSA ID is 12980939.

Please advise how this cna be corrected.



@EdwardHoward - that would indicate that you are not registered in the unit.

Or you might have the wrong BSA member number set as “primary”.

@JenniferOlinger - good point… which would equate to not on the roster at my.scouting.org

When I checked my BSA ID is correct in my.scouting.org but in the unit in question, I have no position on the Scoutbook roster for that unit, only Troop Admin.

Please advise

@EdwardHoward you have no ended Admin positions for Troops - what Troop is it?

Northern Star Council, District O, Troop 7264

@EdwardHoward It looks like you are registered as an adult leader with the B troop, but you are not registered with the G troop.

Internet Advancement looks at registered positions and functional roles at my.scouting, so if you aren’t on the G troop’s roster there, you will have very limited access.

I completed the registration for this troop. Do I need to contact the council to confirm my registration?

@EdwardHoward You can check your registered positions and functional roles by logging in at my.scouting and going to:

Menu → My Profile

Scroll down to the blue “Registrations” section.

I did that and it does not show me registered with that unit.

If the troop and council accept online applications, it’s very easy to multiple by going to my.scouting.org > menu > my application and clicking multiple.

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Our council has another registration system for annual renewal.

@EdwardHoward - but you would need to submit an application in order to be on the roster of the other troop.


I completed the registration in August with our council. The problem must be on their registration process.

Since that obviously didn’t work, I’m suggesting a more streamlined approach (above).

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