Managing Non-Trained Registered Adults Who Moved

We just sent training reminders to several of our registered adult leaders. Several of them have moved out of our area. They are still part of our roster. When I pull the YPT/Trained Leader Status, I see one of these leaders now with expired YPT status. Is there anything that I can do before we recharter? Any recommendations for registered adults that moved and wish to be no longer contacted and who have not registered with another unit? Thank you for your help.

@4Scouts - its called remove from charter in the recharter process. Check their name them click manage member and select remove from recharter


The BSA will not remove members from rosters during their paid term unless they transfer to another unit. For your members that moved, just remove them from your recharter. You do not need to do anything with their expired YPT.

Some councils will suspend registered adult leader positions when YPT expires. Perhaps yours is not doing that.

I have a scout that just eagled and is 18 and will become one of our adult leaders. He’s currently listed as an adult in our troop scoutbook roster, but I can’t add him to the roster for rechartering. How can I do that?

Troop 226 (Golden Gate Council, Walnut Creek) if that helps.

@JeffPickett - adult application is the way to go.

already done.

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to clarify, we already did the adult application a long time ago.

Paper or online? @JeffPickett

If he is not on your current unit roster, the app wasn’t processed and he isn’t registered as a an adult in your unit. Once you get him there, go to the recharter page, hit roster refresh, and he will appear.

Thank you; i’ll have him redo the application.

paper; i didn’t know there is an online version.

@JeffPickett - if your council, jurisdiction or charter org allows online adult applications. In PA it is not allowed due to the Sandusky laws

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