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Hi, semi new MB Coordinator. Can MBCs that are listed as being counselors for a certian Troop only, signoff on scouts outside of their troop?

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@ShamekiaWilson-Price - how about you talk to your council about that.

Why not? Just because the MBC doesn’t want to be visible to other units doesn’t mean they aren’t an authorized MBC for others. If any Council authorizes a MBC to facilitate a MB, they can council any Scout on that MB.

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@ShamekiaWilson-Price - what Ken stated is true. The note of who they will counsel for is the preference of the MBC. But to my prior post, determinations on program are to be directed to your local council as the forums are for support related items.

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From a programming perspective, neither Scoutbook nor Internet Advancement restrict which MBCs can mark MBs or MB requirements Counselor Approved. The only requirement is that the MBC be connected to the Scout for a MB the MBC counsels.

From a BSA policy perspective, your question is addressed in the Guide to Advancement.


@ShamekiaWilson-Price - Guide to Advancement 2021 | Boy Scouts of America

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