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Managing Counselor List info (Badge assignments) - When uploading a MBC update file, the system puts you in a queue. I understand the system polls that queue every 5 minutes, which is really too long, but acceptable. However, after accepting the file and reporting the analysis and asking whether to process, it again puts you in another 5 minute queue. Assuming there are no errors, the response to continue puts you in another 5 minute queue.
Please ask our programmers if it is possible, once an update session is started, to put the update into a separate process that (barring errors) would proceed immediately (or in a <1 min time) at each step.


The BSA has decided the 5 minute queue time is a good compromise between cost and performance. Originally the BSA wanted this queue to process only 2 times per day. We were able to convince them that higher frequency was necessary and get them down to the 5 minutes. This is the best we are able to do. If you feel this is not sufficient, you will need to work with your Council Professional Staff to have them open a ticket with this request.


Ed, Thanks. I’m aware of that history, and am grateful that at least we are no longer uploading the entire council file each time. Despite official predictions I’m thinking we’ll have a better system ready in 5 years, so I’ll wait for that. ;<}


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