Merge Old and New accounts & Help with updating Advancements

My son moved from a Pack in CA (ID. 12730095) to a Pack in MO (14166126), is there a way to merge the 2 Scoutbook accounts? Additionally, I am unable to update advancements; every time I attempt to Scoutbook takes me right back to the Dashboard on both of my children (new account).

Thank You,

(Sorry, I just found this resource this afternoon)

@ShannonKramer your son is fixed - it sounds like both of you Scouts are not in a scoutbook Den - units need to fix that IF they use scoutbook

Thank you so much. Sadly, their Cubmaster is not fond of Scoutbook, so the scouts in this pack don’t have assigned Dens. But I am glad to know that my advancement issue is because of the lack of assigned Den instead of a bug.

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