Merge ScoutBook IDs (Adult + Youth) Across Councils

All my unit permissions with my NEGA BSA ID are being associated with the incorrect ScoutBook ID. The latest issue occurred with the last successful multiple registration.

My primary council is NEGA and I have a secondary account with AAC. I have two issues where support is needed:

  1. My NEGA ScoutBook login doesn’t reflect any BSA IDs or associated units (it’s an empty shell of a profile). For my AAC ScoutBook login, it reflects my AAC BSA ID (129259734) and current with my “Previous BSA Member ID” (for NEGA) as 14509643. I need support to get the functionality to be reversed as my NEGA BSA ID should be primary.

  2. Please merge ScoutBook ID 13664932 (the new one created for NEGA at some point) into 285430.

  3. I have the same issue for my son’s profile and it’s also listing his incorrect BSA Member in IA and stating that he needs to register (it’s pointing to his AAC ID). Correcting the primary BSA Member ID to NEGA should fix this issue. AAC Login for ScoutBook reflects his SB User ID as 261391, his “BSA Member ID” as 129259733 [this is AAC BSA ID] and “Previous BSA Member ID” as 14686876. Please set the “BSA Member ID” to 14686876.

Thanks in advance

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