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Merged Profiles in Scouting.org may have lost Scoutbook Profile

In August 2020, I updated my YPT training and the Pack realized that I had two profiles in Scouting.org and wasn’t tracking the correct one. We received guidance to manage and merge the profiles, but now Scoutbook connections are lost. I am the Asst Den Leader and while the Den leader can still see me active in Scoutbook, I can’t see anything for the Den nor can I see my own kids. Profiles were 135358431 and 12781591. Can anyone help?


Log in to Scoutbook using your my.scouting credentials. Then go to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Switch SSO Profile

Make sure your Scoutbook BSA Member number is set to:


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That’s the problem. My Scoutbook account shows the old number and yet other leaders can see the profile 135358431. I tried going to switch my SSO and it won’t allow me to type over the BSA number.

Type in your my.scouting credentials and click submit. It should give you a chance to change it after that.

Nope! After I enter the my.scouting credentials and submit it simply replies that it connected my account successfully. Good news is I switched my account over to the new 135358431 number and I can see all the information again. Bad news is all my YPT training is under the original, older, number.

@JessBidlack Do you want to try a screen share?

For your training, log into my.scouting. Go under manage member ID. Are both bsa member numbers listed? If not, add the other one, and give it a day to see if your training comes over.

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At the council level and below I believe you should have only one membership number.
I suspect you need to contact your council registrar to have the BSA membership numbers merged.