Merging BSA numbers

Hi this is from T412, here below is a list of adults who have more than 1 BSA ID, can you please help to merge them?

  1. 13722969 and 137533211
  2. 13723929. and 14137379
  3. 137531283, 137158133 and 13742367 (this adult gets 3 IDs)
  4. 137531272 and 14024978
  5. 137158119, 13740481 and 13722967 (this adult gets 3 IDs)
  6. 137152326 and 13646251
  7. 137336762 and 13823942
  8. 137531292 and 13945154

Thank you very much.

If no matter the scouts or the adults want to change or correct the spelling of the names, shall we need to inform our council or councils if the different BSA IDs are given by different councils? or we can inform your side by email?

Thanks a lot for your support.

Kitty Tam
Mar 23, 2022

We will look at these

@KittyTam #5 - the third number is no good

@KittyTam #7 second number no good

@KittyTam these are fixed unless where noted - this is really just Scoutbook user fix - you council can clean up the BSA #s better in most of these cases

Yes, your council will need to correct spelling errors on their official membership record.

Dear Donovan,
So you mean all 8 adults’ records are merged except those you mentioned no good are not merging in?
thank you for your prompt action, It is highly appreciated

Hi Donovan,

what do you mean by no good? This adult used the 2nd number to do the YPT, so can the record be transferred? Does he need to do the YPT again with the 1st number 137336762?

please clarify

We deal with Scoutbook and that BSA # is not in Scoutbook

Either talk to your council to solve it or the user can log into > click Menu top left > Click Manage Member ID > one of the BSA # will be there marked PRIMARY > then add the other MID (BSA #) - you want to make the one that is your unit registration PRIMARY > Then go to and log in using your credentials

@KittyTam I fixed for that user

for number 1; login to 13722969 but cannot see 137533211 and so followed your advice and try to add 137533211 from 13722969 but 137533211 cannot be added. It showed up saying that the profile does not match.

This account is a bit complicated since the number 13722969 has been wrongly set up with the first and last name interchanged while the 137533211 is with the correct name order. So, what can we do?

I tried to use the email and search, I could only find 13722969 but could not find 137533211. Please advise.

@KittyTam In this instance Council needs to send a ticket to national to fix the names and manage the BSA #s

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