Merit Badge Counselor need to drop

I have a merit badge counselor that no longer wishes to be a counselor. The Council registar has ended her registration as a counselor but she still shows up on the Council Merit Badge report. How do we get her off this report?
BSA ID 123646384


There is a date-range the impacts many of the reports. By default it covers year to date, but if you put more recent days after the membership was terminated, it might not show.

If she’s still showing in Scoutbook, she can mark herself as not visible and busy and that should keep anybody from reaching out.

Does the merit badge counselor (MBC) have any Scouts assigned to them? If so those connections will need to be changed.

It is possible for a Scout to have more than one MBC to complete differnt parts of the MB requirements. Is there a way in Scoutbook to assign a primary MBC if the software only allows one to be listed?


The MBCs position in Scoutbook has been ended so she will not show up in the MB Counselor search and she is not connected to any Scouts.

She may still be appearing in the MBC reports because Akela is still saying the MBC position is current, probably because it was ended on 11/17/21 so it is in the grace period.

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