Merit Badge Counselor Registration and Assignment

I have been asked by my Advancement team to inquire if District Advancement Chairs will be given privileges similar to Training and/or commissioners where they will be able to assign/approve Merit Badge Counselors. Is this in the works? Or is this a ScoutBook feature that is in development?

Since that approval is by council-specified policy ( in Guide to Advancement), I doubt it’d be implemented. One council might be okay leaving such approvals to district. Another council might not be. When there’s openness in how to do it like that, I tend to see it not implemented. That’s no official answer though.

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A council can have more than one person with council admin privileges in SB. A SB council admin can approve MBs for counselors with a file upload. I would caution on this that if the file upload affects all MBCs in the file irrespective of district. If the SB admin only uploads the assignments for a few, or for their district, they will be OK. But they will have the ability to upload assignments for any MBC in the council the way the system is setup now.

Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) are not assigned

MBCs are selected by the Scout based on recommendations from the unit leader. (Scouts BSA, Venturing BSA, Sea Scouts BSA, and Lone Scouting are not managed like Cub Scouts BSA)

Approval is complex

The council Scout Executive/CEO with assistance from the council registration staff (registrars) are legally responsible for approval of all volunteer Scouters.

If one has not been already added there needs to be government background and training requirements data fields added to the BSA membership database to control what is listed in some reports.

Qualification of MBCs

MBCs are council positions usually registered at the district level. Some have legal requirements that need to be verified and tracked at the council level.