Multiple MID's


This one is a bit different. Scouter attempted tonight, unsuccessfully, to manage these MID’s.

  • MID 133705174, number from Pathway to the Rockies Council, used since 2021 to register in Adventure West Council as ASM in T6, scouter could not log in to this account in SB earlier tonight.
  • MID 13755796, number from AWC as MBC, expired 2023-12-31, can log in to this account using Google credentials.

Talked to the PTTRC registrar. She recommended -

  1. Manage MID’s with AWC primary
  2. Ticket to National if not fixed

Please manage these MID’s, with the 137 number as primary. I have warned the scouter he will lose access to all tools and family during this process. Please keep Google log in.

I’m not sure how this will work out in SB.

Then, the next steps:

  1. I expect a ticket to National to change the active registration number from 133 to 137 will be required.
  2. And talk to AWC to update family connections.

Let me know if you have a better solution / process.

Thanks for working on this,

The user can’t manager these MIDs, because the month of birth does not match.

Which council is this person supposed to be registered with?

Adventure West Council? Pathway to the Rockies Council? Or both?

The issue I see is that this person is registered under MID 133705174, but that number belongs to Pathway to the Rockies.

He should be registered only in AWC.

He shows on My.Scouting on the AWC Troop 6 roster, with a PTTR number.

@DougWright I think that this might need to be treated like a transfer between councils.

A paper application to your council Registrar might work. I think your Registrar could add the registration under BSA 13755796, then Pathway to the Rockies could end the registration under 133705174.

His month of birth will need to be fixed.

Update @JenniferOlinger

  • Talked to AWC, registrar can’t change birth month.
  • Talked to PTTR, registrar can’t change birth month.
  • PTTR registrar talks to National, National says end the registration.
  • PTTR registrar ends registration, all 3+ years of this adult registration disappears.
  • Talked to AWC, registrar registered the adult under AWC number based on Recharter data.

Please manage his MID’s. Please keep his Google login.

  • primary - MID 13755796
  • secondary - MID 133705174

Thank you. :slight_smile:

P.S. - the intention was to do a paper transfer, but National nixed that by ending his PTTR registration early.

@DougWright I think we need to wait for the overnight sync to run before trying to make changes.

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Now that there has been an overnight sync, is it possible to manage his MID’s?

@DougWright Everything should be fixed now.

At the moment, I have left the my.Scouting username and also the sign in with Google. He can keep either one. If he needs a password reset, your council Registrar can reset it for him.

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