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Multiple Scoutbook Accounts

My Scoutmaster has 3 separates scoutbook accounts in her name. How do we get them merged into one???

Hi, @MichelleChapeau,

Does your Scoutmaster hold multiple roles with different BSA ID numbers (e.g. registered at both unit and district/council levels)? If so, she may need to start by having council merge those records into one.

If not (i.e. having multiple BSA IDs is not the intended behavior), send an email to requesting that the accounts be merged, with the account information from each (BSA IDs, the AdultUserIDs from the URL reached by opening each of the “accounts” from the troop roster) and which account/BSA ID should remain when they’re done.

The AdultUserID will look like this:

I spoke with scoutbook support over the same issue. I fave 2 accounts with my training split up between the two. I have 2 accounts because i moved and changed councils. They told me that they could not merge the accounts

Do you have more than one my.scouting account? If you only have one, are both bsa member numbers associated with that one? You can check by logging into and clicking legacy web tools > manage member ID. To merge your training, you can set the other member ID as primary, leave it for at least 24 hours, and then change it back.

That’s interesting, @kevinwindisch.

I had something similar (one BSA ID from my council as a youth and another from my adult council). I walked through the process with national membership that @jacobfetzer recommended, and it worked like a champ. I’m surprised support didn’t refer you to Nationals to resolve the issue.