My Scouting need to delete person from troop

I am looking for a way to delete the old Scoutmaster from our troop. He no longer has any ties to us. and we would like to clean up the roster.

Hi, @PatrickWest,

Are you talking about the official roster at my.scouting? That will require a change by your council registrar to reflect that the previous SM is no longer affiliated with your troop. You probably need some documentation from the troop committee/charter indicating that change. I would have though that registering a new SM would automatically bump the previous SM, but maybe that’s too naive of me.

If you’re talking about Scoutbook, a unit Scoutbook admin can add an end date the former leader’s position in Scoutbook, which should remove him from your roster. If the former SM is still on your roster with the council, your committee/charter should also contact them about having him removed, as noted above.

In my council, they will shift a former adult to any position asked. But they remain on the roster for the year. As for Scoutbook, my understanding is that they will automatically no longer be an admin. But at any rate, once they are not SM you can remove any connections to the scouts so they see nothing of consequence.

If there is more than simply moving on, then involve the DE and support as needed to get the person completely out of reach.

Yes using my scouting, we have submitted the changes but this is the only one not working. We made a total of 5 changes.