Need To Restore Membership - membership accidentally ended in scout book

Hello -

I have 2 scouts that memberships were ended by error. I contacted council who told me they can’t help. They referred me to this forum instead.

  1. Both scouts show in My Scouting.

  2. They are not in Scoutbook or connected to anyone in Scoutbook.

How do I re-add them back into Scoutbook? I can provide their BSA #'s if this will help.

If you provide the BSA ID numbers (no names please!) the SUAC folks should be able to force a sync. That said, I thought that the council admins (or maybe the registrar) could also do the same thing.

BSA # 131450033

BSA # 140297863

I agree - but she pointed me this time to their council page and told me to use their “Scoutbook Tips and Tricks” and here I am. :confused:

@CrazyCommitteeChair Did you create a new Scoutbook account for them?

I attempted for one (BSA #131450033) and was given a new BSA #. Looks like this one is repopulated back into SB.

What about 140297863?

@CrazyCommitteeChair The first Scout had a duplicate Scoutbook account. I have merged them. He should be back on your roster.

You are connected to the second Scout. In Scoutbook, go to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Find the Scout’s name and click on it.
Click on [Scout]'s Membership.
Click on the “+ Add” button and add a membership with your troop.

You will probably need to fix their leadership positions and make sure they are approved.

That worked. Thank you for saving my day!!

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