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New Format for *THE COMMISSIONER* Newsletter

Communications with commissioners must be timely, candid, and transparent. We continue to make changes to our communications tools to enable that.

The Commissioner is a quarterly newsletter published in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Traditionally, it has been available only as a complete document in pdf format accessed here: The Commissioner

The next issue will be delayed until June and will still be available on the commissioner website, but it will be in a new format that will enable you to quickly focus on areas of particular interest. All the content you’ve been familiar with will be there, but access to what’s most important to you should be easier.

The focus of the June issue is “adapting to change”. There’s a lot of it going on in Scouting, and particularly at this time of the year. Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see advance copies of several articles here that will be included in the new format.

The Commissioner will be enable you to receive more strategic information; our new monthly newsletter that is emailed directly to all commissioners will provide you with more time-sensitive information.