New Scout based calendar entry feature

With the new calendar entry leadership position, does that require the Scout to have their own login to enter events? If a scout doesn’t have their own login (for whatever reason) and use SB under their parent account can they still enter events?

Not really looking debate why scouts do or don’t have their own Sb accounts.

no they need there own log in - a number of email provides you can use the fffff+newaccount@gmail trick - where you add a + after the user name then text@domain - then all email sent to that address goes to the main address.

Thanks for the clarification. Glad this feature was added.

Yes am familiar with the email work around. Have to suggest it to some of the ASM spouses as the Asm irregularly check email. Lol

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@DaveBuckley - the spouse idea is brilliant… going to have to use that…

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