Newly Registered Scouts and Adult Leaders not showing in recharter roster

I have a number of new scouts and adult leaders that I have submitted applications for, paid for, and are in my roster with BSA #s assigned already; however, they are not showing up in my internet recharter roster. If I add them myself to the recharter roster there are fees assigned which I have already paid. I have refreshed the recharter roster multiple times and waited a few days but no update or syncing has happened between my pack roster and internet recharter roster. Appreciate any advice as this is the last step I need to complete my recharter.

@MirandaVelonis what is your BSA # - and what are a few # of those registered but not showing?

@DonovanMcNeil thanks for your quick reply! My BSA # is 13255003. A few of the scout numbers are:

@MirandaVelonis ok I turned this in - and you have clicked REFRESH that is on the recharter page itself? If you have not done to much on recharter you might want to ask council to reset it, that might fix it

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@DonovanMcNeil Yes, recharter refresh button is what I used. I did send a note to my council so I might use that as a solution as I don’t have much work to do once those are added if that is what fixes it. Thanks!

@MirandaVelonis - Hello! Were you able to fix the problem with getting the newly registered Scouts/leaders to appear in recharter? It sounds like that is a similar problem to what I am experiencing. All of our new Scouts show in the list, but don’t have their BSA IDs carried over or associated recharter fees for the year. Also, our new Scoutmaster is in the list, but isn’t being recognized by the system, causing an error message. Thank you for any insight you may have!