Not getting reminders for Scoutbook created events now in IA

Event reminders are not going out:

There was one scheduled for last Friday at 5:30. It hasn’t been received yet.

Some members of the pack received it, but I didn’t as cubmaster.


All reminders go out as bulk e-mails so if you did not receive it, check your spam folder and make sure the opt out slider is to the right and gray on your e-mail page on the Scoutbook My Account page.

I have checked all spam folders. Nothing there. I used to receive messages from Scoutbook. I didnt see direct scoutbook messages either.

My Scoutbook is not marked to block email.

Is there a new email sender that is sending bulk messages? If so, i may have to ask our webmaster to see if something weird is being blocked.

ASAP reminders are being sent by Scheduled events are still being sent by legacy Scoutbook.

Unfortunately, since the switch to IA calendar, I have received no reminder emails (or other messages from Scoutbook)

Could you confirm you were invited to the events?

It looks like your account has an email address on your pack domain. Correct?

Yes i am invited to the events.

Yes, i am listed with my pack email address.

I have not been receiving reminder emails, or direct messages using Scoutbook messaging.

My spam and junk folders are empty on my pack email account.

Is anyone else with a pack email address still receiving the emails and reminders?

We don’t have anyone else currently setup on the Pack email system.


I would suggest changing your e-mail to one that does not use the pack system and see if you start getting reminders. This would help narrow the problem down.


Can this be sent to an administrator to see if anything is showing up in the Logs. I have checked with our email administrator & they cannot find anything that is blocking these or anything stuck in any filters.

Btw, i am getting the messages from invitation manager that we have leads. But the last Scoutbook message was received in 3/22

@JasonKracht Do you get emails from the send messages page? Could you give that a try?

I think (based on this) that it’s an email domain issue (e.g. their blacklisting service is blocking it), @JasonKracht. That’s why @edavignon was suggesting changing the associated email address to test.

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I have not been getting messages from the SendMessages page. I tried again tonight and did not receive the messages.

I tested to a different email address. That was received.

I need this to go to the pack email to keep my different jobs separated properly.

The email administrator of our domain (who is very good at IT security) did not find any blacklisting of the scouting domains.

It isn’t the blacklisting of the scouting domains. It would be black listing of your pack’s domain or that particular address.

I don’t believe my email system is blocking all emails to the addresses. I am getting emails to my inbox. I just am not getting the ones from Scoutbook (either calendar reminders, or Direct messages from Scoutbook). I am getting direct messages to my email, and I am getting the messages from invitation manager (that tell me we have interested parents).

These two sets of messages (Scoutbook vs invitation manager) come from different mail servers. Back when there was a mass blacklisting of the scoutbook mail servers by commercial blacklisting/antispam providers, this was the behavior observed (i.e. some BSA-affiliated mail would come through, but no Scoutbook-originated email would). That’s why folks keep trying to point out that the issue might be with the receiving domain (or one of their third-party vendors) blocking the sending servers, and that changing (temporarily) the email address associated with the account for testing purposes would help eliminate a possibility.

The other possibility is that your account (or another one using that email address) is listed as “No Emails”, but that should be obvious from the Send Mail interface, so I didn’t raise it.

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Seems pretty clear it is blocking them.