November 29, 2023 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Attendance
    • An issue that required events to have RSVP enabled to take attendance has been fixed. Any event that has started can now have attendance recorded.
  • Duplicate Event
    • The Duplicate Event function is now working.
  • Edit Event
    • An issue that prevented saving an event that was created with the same start and end date/time has been fixed. These events can now be edited and saved.
  • Edit Series
    • An issue that caused deleted recurring occurrences to be restored if Edit Series was used has been fixed. Users should be able to edit a series with deleted occurrences and not have them reappear on the calendar.

New Features

  • Attendance
    • Attendance can now be taken from the event view page. Calendar editors will no longer need to go to Edit Event to take attendance.
  • Calendar Filter
    • Clear All and Select All buttons have been added to the Calendar Filter.
  • Reminders
    • Calendar reminders can now be deleted from the Edit Event page.
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