Official BSA Flag Ceremony Scripts

Does anyone know where I can go to find official BSA flag ceremony scripts? I believe there is an error in the one my pack uses, but I want to find an official, BSA-sanctioned source to compare to.

These boards are specifically intended to handle technical questions relating to the BSA software, rather than program/policy issues.

You might try something like or another official BSA site for program information, or ask around in your council/district, such as at roundtable.

Thanks, is there a similar site for Cub Scouts?

I haven’t been a cub leader in a while, so I’m not sure. I would start here and look for the leader resources.

@etruongcao - a simple google search on cub scout flag ceremonies would render a number of results.

Yes, a google search did yield a number of results, but none coming straight from BSA.

I’m asking for a script coming straight from a BSA authority, because just pointing to another unit’s script will get push-back from my leadership that “well, that may be how that pack does it, but we’re doing it this way.”

I want something coming from a higher BSA authority so that I have an official source of truth on how the ceremony should be done.


I do not believe what you are asking for exists.


I do not believe there is one either, and I am rather certain BSA would not take a stand like that. It is like the Flag Retirement - there are all kinds and lengths of ceremonies.


There used to be a book for Cub Scout leaders called “Ceremonies for Dens and Packs” with some example flag ceremony scripts in it. They were example scripts, though, and not intended to be limiting.

I do not know if the BSA still publishes it.

@etruongcao - here is what @JenniferOlinger was noting:

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@etruongcao - what do you believe is in error

@Stephen_Hornak - I’m trying to determine when you’re supposed to salute the flag during the ceremony.

I’m used to saluting while the guard is advancing the flag, as found here:

– Narrator: Troop, attention! (Pause.) Color guard, present the colors! (The narrator’s commands should be loud and clear.)

– (The color guard advances with the colorbearers in front. The U.S. flag should always be on the marching right in the procession. As the procession begins, the narrator gives their next command.)

– Narrator: Hand salute! (They salute, and the audience does likewise. The narrators eyes follow the U.S. flag until it is in position at the front of the room. Just as the colorbearers reach the front, the U.S. colorbearer and guards first cross to the left and the troop (or state) flag colorbearer and guards follow crossing to the right, positioning themselves so that each flag is in place surrounded by its respective guards. Each member of the color guard stands at attention, facing the audience, colorbearers holding the flags vertically.)

In our pack, we don’t salute until after the colors have advanced and been posted, and it’s really bothering me to NOT salute the flag while it’s passing by.

The “Ceremonies for Packs and Dens” guide seems to support not saluting while colors are advancing, but then I have an issue with how that script is laid out since that format doesn’t seem to allow for concurrent actions (in contrast to the script from Troop Resources).

Perhaps the script at the Cub Scout level has been modified so that it’s a easier to digest for the little ones, everything happening one by one rather than having multiple actions happening concurrently.

@etruongcao - for cubs it is do your best. I dont think its something that critical to create an issue.

@Stephen_Hornak - yeah, I get that, but we should still know what the official guidance is (and I want to understand why this ceremony differs from what I’ve known for almost 40 years)

@etruongcao - how about you ask that at a roundtable as it is a program/policy discussion and not the purpose of the forums.

I suggest reviewing the US Flag Code as well.


I would first say that my opinion is that the issue is not worth making a fight over. Other than that we are talking about the US flag, not the BSA flag, so teh authorith is the US Flag Code not the BSA. The answer to your technical question may be in 4 U.S. Code section 9. See 4 U.S. Code § 9 - Conduct during hoisting, lowering or passing of flag | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute.

I agree with @DonovanMcNeil that the US Flag Code is the first place to start but having served in the Army for 24 years, attended 2 military schools as a cadet and coached and judged JROTC color guard competitions (Army and multi-service), I can tell you that there isn’t a standard for what a member of the audience should do when the Colors are being presented. The Flag Code was primarily based on the drill regulations for the Army and Navy at the time of its adoption, but there were differences in those regulations. In the Army, soldiers do NOT salute the colors indoors - we stand at attention unless we are under arms or have been directed to wear our cover and the order is given to Present Arms… My recollection is that the Navy follows a similar practice. When the Colors are being advanced in formation for a ceremony, those watching stand at attention. We render the hand salute when the Colors pass in review or pass in a street parade. Some patriotic organizations such as the American Legion salute the flag when it passes them indoors while being presented at the front of the room but others do not.

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