Online "Registration Is Not Available" message

Clicking our invitation link results in the below screen:

Link is here: My Scouting

Link was copied directly from the my.scouting Membership Manager tool.

I also verified that “Allow People to Apply Online” is checked for our unit:


We thought it might be because of recharter processing but our DE says that the online registration system should work even during recharter processing.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Councils can disable online registration. Check with your Council.

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If you have just rechartered, your recharter may not be fully processed. The online applications only work when the charter is fully valid. You’re basically applying to a unit that doesn’t technically exist.

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This happened to me last year…and now happening to us again. The council last year told us exactly what was written above, the disable registration until recharter is done- I find it takes a while to turn back on as I know both times our recharter was already complete.