Parent Connections ( dup accounts )

In the past prior to Akela Sync I would create and scouts and parents account and make the connection and add the BSA # to the scout once I received it, to initiate the Active Sync for advancement. Now after our JSN event I waited for the Akela Sync to place my scouts on my Roster, depending if it was a paper app or an online app I would add the parent connection. For the online apps the parents existed prior so that one is easy. For the Paper app, I created them. After our first couple pack meetings we start roping in the parents for some adult leadership roles for recharter. Once they start taking training, more often than not we end up with a duplicate account.

So is there a fool proof procedure to add parents connections to scouts? We would love to solely use the Online app, but its problematic to say the least and to it just causes confusion with BSA dues vs Pack Dues which are too different prices, Even if you turned off payment it still causes questions and confusions.

What have others been doing?

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