Parent getting an error when trying to access his second scout

I have a parent who registered his second son as a Lion this year. (first son is a Bear) However when he tries to sign into SB he gets an error: " We were not able to find a scout book profile linked to this Gmail account" His email is (removed). Dad’s member ID is: 14178113 His first son (Bear) is: BSA:14218146, SB:12381724, His Lion is: BSA:140381109, SB:13241081. He shows up as the parent with this email account in SB.

@DouglasLuckett_Sr check with father is it @gmail or @earthlink? He has a username with @earthlink and that is what is connected to younger scout

@DouglasLuckett_Sr The parent has 2 usernames at my.scouting:

e-mail address

I would recommend that he pick one, and we can retire the other. (The BSA’s systems generally do not like e-mail addresses as usernames.)

I would also recommend that he log in at my.scouting and double-check his mailing address and e-mail.

The BSA number he should be using is 14239303.

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