Parent/guardian doesn't see scouts

Parent/guardian MID 128653249 is connected to MID 131207371 (josh) and MID 128653243 (Zach). She is using a Mac and Safari. Claims getting “invalid username/password” and can’t log into SB and can’t see the Scouts. I confirmed user name, and using VST reset her password. I was able to login with no issues. She continues to get “invalid username/password”. I don’t know how to clear cache in Safari, so can’t see if clearing that would help. Anyone have a clue? answer?

Marian McQuaid
Spirit of Adventure Council, Registrar

@MarianMcQuaid sounds like a user that needs to be watched logging in as opposed to talked to. They where in MYST a month ago.

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yeah, she said it worked, then suddenly stopped. Guess it is time I learned how to use Team viewer and do the thing. Thanks!

Or zoom would work too.

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