Parent locked out

I have a parent thats been locked out of scoutbook … their email is and bsa id is 12491923

I also have a parent who created 2 accounts cause they suddenly couldn’t access their childs account… are you able to merge those?

The first one should be logging in with his my.scouting username. Please provide the member numbers for the others.

11452057 - 1016545

I’ll reach back out to and let them know you said to try logging in with their my.scouting username/password. The email I got from them this morning just said

I had to create a new account because we’ve been locked out of our other account but now we have to have someone go in to add us.

from the parent with account

I had created a new account but its not associated with our group or my scout and when I just tried to go to the link you shared it said I don’t have access to forums with the new account.

I’m just looking for details about the campout this weekend.

We’ve been having issues with the account for a while so that’s why I created the new account but now it is not tied to the 101 troop. created a new account using and I added them to their scouts connection and now they’re able to see and do stuff it sounds like. Not sure why they can’t get logged with the other account.

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