Parent w/ Multiple IDs that Can't Manage Them

I have a registered parent that is trying to clean up a bit of a mess. Lynne L (mom) is ID 136458167. Her husband, Ian L, is trying to register on my.scouting and is having an issue stating that his name is attached to his wife’s email w/ Member ID 13849512.

They tried to join another unit last year and didn’t realize an account was created (she doesn’t actually recall them officially signing up.) When she tried to just go ahead and merge the IDs to hers, she gets an error stating that it’s invalid.

It also appears that Dad shares part of his name with his son (Alexandar Ian Lopez), so maybe that’s also causing issues?

Can anyone advise next steps or what info. they need to figure out to get around this?

167 is Lynns - 512 is Ians @JennyGoguen they both have the same email @JennyGoguen - are they trying to create an account at ?

Dad was trying to create a new account until he got that error. Can he do forgot password and gain access back to just change the email and “tada!”, it’s fixed?

Ian has Apple Log in Turned on

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