Position training - aims and methods

I have been working on position training this morning and am not able to proceed because the system continues to tell me i have answered the question incorrectly although i am checking the box above the wrong answer. I am in Aims and Methods and on the last page i indicate the correct answer but it keeps saying it is incorrect which gives me a 50% and won’t let me proceed.

@DeniseHamilton - pick all of the correct ones and submit

Sorry this section of my training continues to indicate a wrong anser alought i have selected the correct response per the graphic. Needing help.

@DeniseHamilton - what did you choose… and could you post a screen shot

I chose the patrol method on question #2. I have redone this section 4 times. It says i selected the answer below it about religion. I select the correct one and it says its wrong.

@DeniseHamilton you need to choose everything but the religious one

Thank You! I got it!