Problem with register a Merit Badge in Advancement

I have a crew unit with some young people who have a life rank and I am trying to register Merit Badge but the option does not appear.
Previously I could do it but recently I tried to enter some and the option does not appear.
Please let me know what may be happening.

Only have a option: Award and Rank
Not have Merit Badge, but a few weeks ago if I had the option.

@JavierMorales - can you try the merit badge entry in ?

I did try, but Scootbook doesn’t give me the option since the young people are only in the Venturing program, the Troop advances could only be entered in Internet Advancement like the Merit Badge.


Go to the Scout’s Edit Extended Information page and turn on Scouts BSA Advancement.

And you will only see this option to turn on Scouts BSA Advancement if the Scout has earned First Class rank in a troop.

Thank you you are the best! :muscle:t2::fire::fleur_de_lis:

Now I can see the previews in Scoutbook and enter them. On Internet Advancement I will not be able to enter them anymore?

What do you mean by “previews”?

Weeks ago I could enter the Merit Badge advances in Internet Advancement and now I don’t have the option as I illustrated in my first post

yeah seems like something regressed - and the mobile format needs some work - it is reported to Devs

At least with the option they gave me to enable the Scout BSA Advancement in the Scout’s Extended Information it helps me enter the advances of the young people who are completing :pray:t2:

I hope the developers can fix it in the Internet Advancement soon :pray:t2::fleur_de_lis: