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Problems Assigning New Den and Advancements

I am a Den Leader and listed as an Admin in ScoutBook. None of our pack’s scouts automatically advanced to the next den which we were told would happen in August. I clicked the “reassign den” button on each of my scout’s profiles and in one area it shows they are now Wolves but in other areas it still shows them as Tigers. My den leader position also shows as Wolves AND Tiger.

Now, under Internet Advancements my scouts are greyed out and there is an error icon with the following message “primary member ID which is active in another unit. “X” will remain on this roster until their council registrar completes their transfer process or their annual registration for this unit expires”

I’ve asked my Cub Master and District Commissioner about it and neither knows how to fix or what needs to happen.

You are kind of talking around 2 platforms

Internet Advancement has no dens. The greyed out Scouts is an issue that is being worked on

On the first issue you mention a screenshot or 2 would help us figure it out - just blur names

@SarahMorgan I have sent you a private message. Please look for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right (yours shows up as an orange “S”).

You posted this in the Internet Advancement Forum, but if you are really using Scoutbook, for future reference, you would go to the den page. Click edit den > advance den. We recommend starting with the Bears and working your way down to Lions to avoid confusion from having multiple dens at the same level and accidentally advancing one twice.

That was what I wanted to post but ended up doing so in the wrong thread. Dang senior moment.