Question on Recent Update to MB Process in Scout Book

@edavignon Thanks for the detailed description of the changes to MB Process. I see that the individual requirements will no longer show on the Needs Approval report. However, will the Completed Merit Badges need to be “counselor approved” or just marked “completed” before they show up on the Needs Approval Report? Asking because come across a number of Counselors not using scoutbook yet.

The MB will still appear on the Needs Approval report as soon as it is marked complete. There is no requirement for an MBC to Counselor Approve the overall MB completion because, as you point out, not all MBCs use Scoutbook.

One change that was made to the MB completion is a Counselor can Counselor Approve an MB that was previously Leader Approved. This allows a unit to process a physical blue card but later have the MBC approve in Scoutbook, thus having the MBC’s signature appear on a printed blue card.

Thank you.


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