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Quick Entry for Religious Emblem didn't seem to work

I was attempting to batch enter six Welelos scouts who all earned their religious emblem on the same date (they took a class together).

I selected the award “Religious Emblem”.
I picked the date.
I checked “Leader approved”
I selected the scouts in the list.
then I clicked Save.

The changes didn’t take. Was I supposed to mark off the all the individual requirements, too? I assumed entering a Date Completed and Leader Approved would be enough.

Another thing I noticed: the heading for the page reads “Quick Entry for Religious Square Knot (LDS Cub Scouting) Award”. Is that right? We are not an LDS organization so that heading was a bit confusing.

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Whoa I just read the requirements for this award and they’re all specific to the Mormon Church. Now I’m not even sure how to add a generic religious emblem to a scout’s profile. I have to go back and check a few emblems I added to some other scout’s profiles.

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Adding the emblems individually worked, and they are marked “youth Religious Knot Award”. I didn’t see that option in quick entry, so not sure whats going on. Someone should take a look at it. Thanks!

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@MichaelK - the knot would be under each scout in the awards section. The Quick entry only points to the LDS award program which is rather involved depending upon the age of the scout.

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Thanks @Stephen_Hornak, I didn’t know that and it wasn’t self evident until I looked closer. So no quick entry for the regular religious emblem? Alright.

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