Ranger Award typo - number of electives

The top of the Venturing Ranger Award in Scoutbook says 1 thru 8 are required and then four electives from 9 to 24. But the electives are numbered 9 to 26.

Also, many Ranger requirements aren’t updated for the Scouts BSA program name change.

@RobertMckeever - it seems to match this:

It may match that but the numbers in the original go through 26, just like Scoutbook.

@RobertMckeever - yes but if you notice the req info on the pdf and scoutbook they match what you are noting is a bug.

That’s also a 2016 pdf.

Think about the logic. So either 25 and 26 don’t count toward the electives or they do. If the latter, it’s a typo. If the former, there’s no point in them being listed in the first place.

That the typo exists in both places doesn’t make Scoutbook correct. It’s still in error.

@RobertMckeever - OMG… the error is based off of the BSA PDF which is where scoutbook derives its requirements. If you find a newer pdf please feel free to post it. But in the end both locations need to be corrected… Scouting.org and scoutbook.scouting.org

The main Ranger page says 4 of 18 electives. Which would include 25 and 26:

@RobertMckeever - the pdf I attached is also from that page… it has 2019 in its file structure. So, for the final time BOTH LOCATIONS would need the change to 26… the pdf and Scoutbook.

The pdf is from the 2016 publication for the Venturing awards, Ranger, Quest and TRUST. It is not been updated for the Scouts BSA program change that was made in 2019.

The published webpage solves the intent that the electives are 9 through 26. Scoutbook has 25 and 26 coded. The question becomes whether the logic includes 25 or 26 as counting toward the four electives. And it appears it IS in the logic. So we are talking about the header typo. If the logic matches the BSA site on the Ranger, why not fix the typo?

@RobertMckeever - yes the typo should be fixed and in both locations… the PDF which has this file structure:


and the header in scoutbook. I do not have the ability to fix either, but hopefully the SUAC volunteers and report it.

@RobertMckeever - ok… take a look at the Ranger award now and let me know. The nomenclature in the pdf and reqs themselves would need to be handled by that team at national. Perhaps you can note the specific reqs that need to be revised by the program team.

Thank you. I see Scoutbook header updated. I also see that national has updated the requirements PDF for the 9-26 at the top. (The url changed since the one you had over the weekend)

Do I need to reach out to the team at National that handles Venturing to get them to update for program references in the requirements pdf or do I need to go through council channels for same? That’s way more involved than the resolved typo.

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