Rank requirements not showing. Unable to enter awards

Council 328 pack 770 has 2 transfers. One a Webelos and one a bear. Neither rank option is showing under scouts nameTried going to quick entry but that does not trigger rank requirements. Old unit is still showing on scouts record. Permissions are on full. Id of Webelos is 140162083. I’d of bear is 14589484
Using pc and Google chrome

I would start by verifying that the two scouts are assigned the correct den levels in the “new” pack.

If so, I would put an end date on the previous pack memberships, since those packs potentially show the scouts in a prior den level, which will prevent the software from permitting advancement for the “current” den level, even if properly assigned in the “new” pack.

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This Scout has a Bear membership in the old pack. Have a Pack Admin end the old membership in Scoutbook.

This Scout has a Tiger membership in the old pack. Have a Pack Admin end the old membership.

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Both assign correct den. A transfer was done at council level, however the old pack is still linked to the scout. I tried to clean old connections, but still linked.

@DonnaSword Please look at each Scout’s Memberships page in Scoutbook.

Click on the membership with the former unit, then add an end date.


@DonnaSword I ended their memberships with the former pack for you.

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