Recharter aapproval goes to dropped member for signing

We dropped out Cubmaster as they left the pack and changed an adult to be our new Cubmaster.

The recharter signature went to the old Cubmaster who is no longer with the unit.

Luckily I could do it, but this seems like a bad idea to be possible.

Thank you, I have forward this information on.

Hello: As a District Commissioner, I have been telling units to work through changing the Unit Key 3 when known. Also to submit an application for any changes for the Unit Key 3 before processing during re-chartering. It helps avoid this issue. It will also help when the Cubmaster needs to confirm Youth signing up in the Application Manager.


The COR or COR Delegate can do this in position manager. This helps reduce the workload on the Registrar. This assumes the COR/COR Delegate is engaged enough to do this. It is very simple. It does require all who require the CBC to have their CBC current (not just the ones someone is moving around).


Fingerprinting and background checks are more complex in California.


The situation rhe OP is talking about involves existing registered volunteers so they would have already been through that process.