Recruiting Season for Scouting

Recruiting season is almost here! As you follow the BSA Brand Guidelines in developing your marketing materials for recruiting, events, and more, take advantage of the growing list of #AdventureOn marketing resources in the BSA Brand Center. In addition, you’ll find the #AdventureOn theme on Cub Scout and Scouts BSA materials. Also, remember to share the requirements included in the Scouts BSA Branding Dos and Don’ts Guide to ensure the right marketing messages are delivered. With your help, it will be a great recruiting season and an opportunity to help more families experience the fun and adventure of Scouting!

Adam, When marketing takes putting the as the prominent wording on these materials that is when as the marketing, Social Media, and Communications chair, I would take a better interest. Throwing hashtags to a paper/cloth banner does nothing for the for the recipient. Making that Tag the the primary text impedes the ability to get the where to go answered.
ACC Keith Potter

Hello, and thank you for the response. I understand that the placement of text and the use of hashtags can have results that many are unintended. I do agree that placement is critical. However, we may be unaware of trends that younger generations will key into that other generations will not understand. Appreciate the feedback.