Register position

My positions were all moved to past positions and can’t find out
How to add back any help. Thanks

@RandallLuster - what are your positions at ?

It doesn’t Shows anything now.
Everything working until Jan 1

Was committee member, Wolf den leader


Looking at your membership number, you have never been a registered leader. You were a Lion and Tiger Adult Partner which is not a leader. You will need to complete an adult leader application, including the Criminal Background Check authorization and pay the registration fee.

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I’ve be a paid leader for 3 years , done application and background

Yes and I see no others of the same name in Texas - and none have registrations

Unless you registered under a different name, you have never been a registered leader.

Here is the full registration history - all parent roles

So I’ll have to repay to become one
Can I do it all online

Depends on Unit and Council - I think I would check with both first

Some councils allow online adult registration, others do not. You will need to check with your Council.

If you paid someone for 2024, I’d start with them to see what happened.