Report Builder Shows inconsistent and inaccurate info for Wolf Req. 2a (Elective Adventure)

When I ran a report yesterday showing the Wolf den’s requirements, Req. 2a only showed awarded for 2 of the 6 scouts that had been awarded. For 1 of the 6, it showed completed (rather than awarded) and the other 3 were blank (rather than awarded). All 6 show awarded for the specific elective adventure (Air of the Wolf).

I ran it again today, the scout that had previously shown ‘completed’, now shows nothing.

The 1 scout who showed completed yesterday and blank today did erroneously have Req. 4b marked complete (Protect Yourself Rules adventure), which was corrected this morning, however this shouldn’t have shown up for Req. 2a, since it was being used in 4a.

BSA ID’s showing correctly: 137100495, 137423756, 137131818

BSA ID’s showing incorrectly: 14085806, 14491046, 14548583

It may be worth noting that the three that are correct were all in the Den last year, and the three that are incorrect were not.

Could you double check which version of the rank they are all on?

All 6 scouts are on version 2022-23 of the requirements and version 2016 of each elective. While gathering that information, I found that all of the three that are showing Req. 2a as complete on the report are using a different elective for the requirement (2 Sprit of the Water v2016, and 1 Protect Yourself Rules v2019), rather than Air of the Wolf. All three that are not showing on the report are using Air of the Wolf v2016.

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