Report needed from District to detail scout information with Life rank

Our district advancement team requests a report with detailed information for scouts with Rank = “Life” for planning Life to Eagle seminar(s) in 2024 and follow up for those scouts nearing their 18th birthday.

I can generate the District “Detailed Scouts BSA Advancement Report” that with Troop identification for the 39 Life ranks in 2023 but have no information on scout names, parents, email addresses, age. Also, not listed are Life ranks achieved prior to 2023 who may remain active.

Reference - Report: Detailed Scouts BSA Advancement Report
Council: New Birth of Freedom 544
Organization Name: Heritage Trails 06
Period-to-Date (PTD): From 01/01/2023 to 01/26/2024

Who is in best position to help in generating the Life scout rank requested?


If your district advancement team wants this information they should work with the Council professional staff to get it. I do not know of any report in SB or IA that will generate the data they are looking for.

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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the reply.
I find that by Troop a report can be generated per the attachment so I was hoping that a District report could equally be run.

I don’t believe we have a Council resource that has Scoutbook access for the districts scouts in all the Troops (or if there is such an access),. For the attached report I used the Report Builder Designer as referenced below.

Your in Scouting,
Steve Coates, Heritage Trails District Advancement Chairman, New Birth of Freedom Council, Pennsylvania, USA

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Just as a point of information, the forums here are world-readable. If you’re posting/attaching content that includes youth names and PII (or names in combination with BSA IDs), it’s readable to anyone at all, not just folks actually logged in to the boards.

Thank you for removal of the attachment. If the reference link can also be removed, there should be no content readable to others outside the Advisory council.
Steve Coates

How is this not the Scouts or Units Job to manage this - why does District think they need to be involved? - SMs could provide a report to UCs easy enough