Request - adult roles deleting

It would be nice to have a delete feature for old adult roles. We have one leader with 5 entries of Tiger Den Leader, who is now a leader in the bear den. Same leader also has an incorrect youth member entry which would be nice to have removed (when den advances it overrides the leader role back to a youth member and he loses access to correct it).

Simplifying to a Den Leader only roles would also be cleaner, not sure why there needs to be separate Lion Den Leader, Tiger Den Leader and Webelos Den Leader when they all have the same controls in scoutbook.

Just my two cents worth. Thanks for consideration.

These are the registered position titles, which is why they’re reflected that way.

You used to be able to delete old roles, but the BSA eliminated that feature intentionally. If you really want it, you likely will need to convince someone on your council staff to advocate for the change. I suspect even if that occurs, though, it’s unlikely to be made.

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