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Restoring Removed Scouts

We have a situation where scouts were removed from a Troop prematurely. The scouts have been restored to Scoutbook but no longer have the “(A)” icon next to their names. Is there an electronic means to bring them back? Does it involve my.scouting.org? We would prefer to avoid paper forms if possible.

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Do they still appear in your official roster at my.scouting.org? If so, I believe they should re-sync within a day or two.

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If they are still on your official roster at my.scouting, you should be able to temporarily disapprove their position (on each Scout’s Membership page) and then re-approve their position.

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We are having that problem with one cubscout keeps dispearing

@GeraldinePetkus Please provide the scout’s bsa member number (no names please) so we can look into it.

In addition to providing the BSA ID as @JenniferOlinger requested, take a look at the notes for the repeat offender membership. Usually, I get some sort of notification there as to what’s causing the membership to be ended by an automatic process. Most commonly, it turns out to be some sort of issue with a mismatch in the official unit roster.

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