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(Revised 2/25) Extending Extended Access

I just confirmed with BSA’s CIO and Member Care Manager that they have a change in QA right now that will make the Extended Access THREE months long for all units permanently. This should grant some relief in time for the December 31 recharters this coming week.

For those that don’t know what Extended Access is, it allows members to continue to have the same functional access in My.Scouting based on their registration for two (soon to be three) months after their registration expires.

This just in… the extended extended access will be for a total of FOUR months. BSA Online System Access Access Extended

Please note: There are two ways to recharter units that have expired charters:

Internet Rechartering is still available for units for up to TWO months after their charter expires . (See for Internet Charter Renewal | Boy Scouts of America for some helpful resources.) The window to use Internet Rechartering closes March 1 for 12/31/2020 expired charters.)

Paper rechartering (which is much more involved and subject to transcription errors) is always an option for a unit, and the ONLY option outside of the Internet Rechartering window.