Reminder on Commissioner Tools Access

April 1, many of the units/districts/councils will once again lose their access to parts of the my.Scouting suite as their special extended extended access period expires if their charters/re-registrations have not been POSTED. (This is 90 days after the expiration of their last registration.)


There is this announcement at the my.Scouting Tools site. I do not how this affects commissioner tools access.

BSA Online Applications Access Extended to Accommodate Rechartering

National 02/29/2020

To help ensure units have full access to BSA online systems while councils continue to process recharters, we are extending the grace period for units to continue accessing online systems for an additional 30 days. This includes Scoutbook, Internet Advancement, Application Manager, my.Scouting tools, and Den Leader Experience.

We believe this will benefit units and enhance the experience of many while councils continue to process renewals.

Note : This extension applies to the online and mobile applications but not to council access through ScoutNET. On May 31, 2020, Scoutbook and my.Scouting access will be reset to 60-days to remain consistent with our other platforms. Additionally, there may be some features that do not perform as usual during this extension. These issues will be reviewed and acted upon, as appropriate, during the next several months. For more information, please contact Member Care.

All this does is delay the implementation of when you would loose access to most of the my.Scouting apps, including Commissioner Tools. (So instead of the ‘normal’ 60 days extended access they lengthened it to 90 days.) No difference than any other year. At this time, any district or council that expired on Dec 31 is past the 90 day extended access (as of April 1) and they will have lost access to Commissioner Tools (and the other apps) if they have not posted their new charter/registrations. The solution is to make sure your districts and councils have posted their renewals.