Roster Builder with multiple units

I am a Unit Admin for both my Troop and Pack. I am trying to run a roster for just the Pack. In Roster Builder, I have Leaders and All Scouts selected under the Pack, and nothing selected under the Troop.

The resulting report lists both the Troop and Pack at the top, and if the Pack adult is also registered in the Troop, they appear on the report twice, once with their Pack position, and again with their Troop position.


@RobertJohnson8 can you post the url to this report output so I can pass along to the developers? This will help with the debug.

@ZacharyMcCarty I did some experimenting. At the top, under Sort by, if I choose “Den/Patrol, Last Name, First Name, then Middle Name”, it lists dual-registered adults twice, one line for each unit. If I change the Sort by to “Last Name, First Name, then Middle Name”, then the dual-registered adults are only listed once, but both units and positions are shown. URLs to both are below.

@RobertJohnson8 that is very helpful. Thank you!

@RobertJohnson8 i believe this should be fixed with a recent update.

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