Scout Dropped out of SB, advancement sync problem

I’m a Den Leader in Pack 331, Collierville TN. I have a scout that has dropped out of scout book a few times this year. He is back in, but I am unable to sign off his adventures and advancements. His information is below. Any help would be great.

SB User ID: 13681380
BSA Member ID: 140 367 650

@RichardCarmean the account you are using for scout is a fake account - you will see it has no BSA # - I setup a sync to bring in the correct account for you this afternoon - we will wait to merge the accounts so you can make sure anything recorded to the wrong account can be moved to the right account

Thank you, the scout has a sibling in our Pack 331 Tiger Den that has been having the same issue. . I don’t have access to his details since I’m not his den leader.

@RichardCarmean do not post Scouts Names in forums

@RichardCarmean I set up the younger scout the same way - a pack admin ended both of the memberships on the real accounts in January

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