"Scout led" being hindered by inability of scouts to see RSVPs in new calendar

How can a scout see the RSVP list for an event?

How can the PLC see who is planning to attend? How do they know if they need to promote more attendance?

How can a grubmaster know who he/she is supposed to buy food for?

How can a scout know if their buddies are already signed-up?

How can a patrol leader know who is planning to come to a meeting, so they can plan materials/costs?

The “Calendar Editor” position is not an appropriate answer. That position is too dangerous to give out to any but the most trusted of scouts.

Scout led, adult supported. That doesn’t mean scouts need direct access to the data. it can be provided to them through adult support.

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A scout used to be able to just login and look.

Now they have to email an adult leader plus a parent asking for a listing, wait a few days for the adult leader to access the event, export an rsvp report to csv, delete all of the fields inappropriate to send to a scout, save and attach the tailored information to the scout in a reply email… and do it all again every time the rsvp list changes.

This is unnecessary manual labor added to volunteers and an impediment to success.

Please make it so everyone can see rsvp responses. Agree with all the points above for PL and SPLs needing the information, Scouts leading Eagle projects and parents coordination outings also need this vital i firmation, at the time they need it. No one should have to ask and wait for an adult leader to look it up and respk d to them about it.

This is a good observation. In the old system, Scouts could see who was going.

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