Scout registered as adult and has wrong gender, Error when COR attempts to fix

We have a scout whose registration is not coming up correctly in our roster. What is the best way to get this fixed? He was listed, but as an adult. He dropped off when our Charter was completed by council last month. When the COR searches for him now, it says his gender is F so he can’t be added. He’s not listed in our G troop either. When we try an in council transfer, it says he has an active registration in our organization and can’t be transferred. Please help. Thank you.

What is the BSA #? @ReginaSwanson

12633504 (name removed) @DonovanMcNeil

The Gender was only wrong in Scoutbook but that is fixed @ReginaSwanson

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you. Fixing the gender marker seems to have allowed that profile to pull into our scoutbook but all of his advancement from his prior troop is gone. Is it possible that he has a duplicate record? I can give you date of birth. Past troop was 0278 in council 062.

look at membership - the old 278 membership is there it does not mean it was reported - It is Cub Stuff all looks good good it does not affect permanent record

@DonovanMcNeil Okay, We’ll work on getting the rank and merit badge info restored from his records since that is what is missing.

Can you help merge records for two of our scout who have multiple records in Scoutbook?

Correct Account
SB User ID: 400209
BSA Member ID:137262168
Previous BSA Member ID:129844982
Duplicate Account:
SB User ID:11828654
BSA Member ID: 129844982

Correct Account:
SB User ID:9990158
BSA Member ID:136252666
Duplicate Account:
SB User ID:13052863
BSA Member ID:140161356

Thank you!
Moderator: Removed youth names. We only need BSA Member ID.


The first Scout is currently registered in Adventure West Council and Greater Colorado Council. Being registered in 2 Councils will cause the Scout to have 2 BSA Member IDs. Did the Scout recently relocate or is he active in both Counicls?

The 2nd Scout is registered twice in your unit with different years of birth. Your Council will need to straighten out his registration before we can merge the accounts. He should be registered on MID 136252666 which has all of his previous registrations.